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Data Intelligence with a Human Touch for Workforces with Highly-Skilled or Essential People

Empowering the Employers Investing In Their Culture with Evidence and Guidance

OrgVitals enables people leaders to go beyond lip service and increase capacity with custom data analysis, employee experience planning, and capacity-building support. 

We meet transformative leaders where they are with data-driven guidance.

Now you don't have to be a data scientist to know how to give your people a great experience

We've taken care of the hard stuff -- like knowing what data you need, capturing and correlating it, and making it easy to communicate the findings.

That means, together, we can focus on the evidence and get strategic faster about your employee experience and culture.

We make it easy to capture, learn, and lead with data.

We'll manage tech integrations, deploy surveys, analyze your data, and draft your data presentations.

We are a new kind of analytics that pairs tech with a co-pilot.

With OrgVitals you get a knowledgeable partner and our ecosystem of experts to go along with our data platform.

We supply a process and messaging that builds trust.

Success is in the human details. Our approach drives engagement to continuous employee listening.

We aren't selling a dashboard of data, we're selling guidance.

Giving you data intelligence means finding the patterns, mapping what they signal, and communicating effectively.

We connect the dots between data and actions.

We'll audit the employee experience and the intentionality behind your culture to find opportunity.

We know data and results are the currency of leaders.

Our presentation builder makes it easy and impactful to turn numbers into compelling stories to unlock initiatives.

We show employers the ways to turn their culture into magnets.

Understand your strengths, opportunities and blind spots to make your culture a strategic hiring advantage.

We're the only solution that tracks 13 types of burnout.

Build a thriving workforce by targeting attention to specific groups and individuals at risk of turnover.

OrgVitals offers integration with over 40 systems:

"An unprecedented level of insight..."

This finds the truth in the business and pinpoints opportunities to improve the culture. Thank you!

Anonymous CHRO

Your product is so easy to use and does things no other survey or people analytics system does, like the network analysis and the Data Story presentation builder.

Anonymous Consultant

The greatest value is the support around the innovation. I don't think there is a another comparable product.

Anonymous Consultant

Only OrgVitals offers:

Multiple tools to collect feedback, including a blockchain option for zero-knowledge anonymous employee surveys.

"Incredible" employee segmentation, with an option to use our demographic collector, to track inclusion and equity.

Network analysis to vizualize the culture and layer culture data across the map, providing context to the data findings.

The Data Story presentation builder, which makes it easy and fast to create a portal or slide-based export with the data.

Hands-on experts to co-pilot our system and analyze the data with you.

Integrations with over 40 HR and payrool systems to easily keep employees in-sync.

OrgVitals Supports Employers Across Industries

From essential workers and highly-skilled workforces, to knowledge workers and fully remote cultures, OrgVitals has helped all types of people live better lives through their work.
• Hospitals
• Critical Care Units
• Long Term Care
• Construction
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Universities
• K-12 Schools & Systems
• Global Facilities
• Remote Software Teams
• Growing Startups

The Future of Work is Human-Centered

We've entered the Age of the Employee. The employers placing their people at the center of their business model are gaining a massive strategic advantage because they are attracting the best talent. 
With the guidance of OrgVitals, people leaders can mitigate immediate risks and have the foresight to engineer a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Why choose us?

From the beginning, OrgVitals has been committed to outcomes and impact. Starting in 2023, we're owning that:
We guarantee everything.

From the approach, to the data, to our partners: we're confident you will transform your culture.

We help the whole way.

No one needs another data dashboard. We'll be your co-pilot in the cockpit and will customize to your needs.

We discount for impact.

Educators, non-profits, researchers, and other civic-oriented groups get major discounts.

We give back.

We're introducing a 1% pledge of profits that benefit essential workers from underserved communities.

Cultivating a more inclusive and prosperous workforce means working to ensure that the culture functions for all people and that all people have the support to live better lives through their work.
We know a thriving work environment is one that is profitable, equitable, and sustains its people.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Schedule a brainstorm so we can fit OrgVitals to your needs.

"We realized our previous approach was no longer working for our employees and now I see why. We pivoted 5-years of culture-shaping work to now rely on the expertise and analytics prepared by OrgVitals to direct our retention strategy. The data provided by OrgVitals is phenomenal and we are thrilled to have them as a dedicated partner during this critical period." 


OrgVitals has Grown Through Impact-Driven Support