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1 in 4 people are quitting their jobs this year.
Are you adpating to the total needs of your people?

Welcome to the future of care for the future of work

Continuously see who needs help and how to intervene.

Our data gives you actionable, predictive analysis in digestible reports to know how to care for your people so that you retain them.

For Leaders

Employers are facing a seismic shift as the workplace transforms. Human-centered leadership is the key to building a resilient organization. Leverage OrgVitals to keep an ear to the ground so you can cultivate a workplace that becomes an example of the future of work. 

For Consultants

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Just named a 2022 Top Startup to Watch by Business First.


What matters to employees has changed.

The pandemic and remote work have forced new ways of working. This collapsed the traditional mindset of workplace culture and exposed numerous pitfalls. How organizations adapt to meet the needs of employees will determine the winners in the future of work.

Just as innovation triggered digital transformation, the need for a human-centered work environments has triggered a whole new specialized focus. OrgVitals is your data partner to navigate change.

OrgVitals delivers data-driven reports that reveal specific conditions hurting your organization.

Leave the dashboards and analyses to us. You focus on taking action.

Workplace Analysis

A comprehensive approach that offers advanced intelligence and predictive insights for leaders to take action before it hurts.

Real Impact

Leaders partner with experts to deliver exceptional outcomes. Ongoing measurement drives accountability and improves efficacy.

Lower Costs

Proactive intervention increases productivity, reduces turnover, and improves hiring. 


Leaders rely on OrgVitals to...

  • Proactively architect a culture to achieve their goals.
  • Organically reveal influencers and collaborators.
  • See the organization like never before with real-time reporting.
  • Uncover blind spots and mitigate risk.
  • Eliminate wasteful initiatives with data-driven insights and curated recommendations.
  • Leverage predictive insights and advanced modeling to address issues before they arise.
  • Source the root - focusing on the cause, not the just the effect.
  • Tap into an ecosystem of support and learn from best practices.

Advanced people analytics is driving results.

According to The Josh Bersin Company, companies that use advanced people analytics are:


more likely to adapt to change.


more likely to engage and retain employees.


more likely to innovate effectively.


more likely to exceed financial targets.

And yet, 83% of companies do not use advanced people analytics.

Source: HR Predictions for 2022, The Josh Bersin Company.

OrgVitals is effective for those that believe...

Human capital is the greatest asset.

Decisions should be driven by data.

Equity & inclusion impact the business.

In the value of predictive insights to drive change.

Transparency and autonomy build trust.

Responsibility for culture is distributed. 


OrgVitals can be leveraged at all levels of an organization:

Executive Leadership
  • Founders
  • CEOs and the C-Suite (COO, CSO, CRO, CFO)
  • Chief Culture Officers
People Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Development
  • DEI Leaders
  • HR Leaders
Team Leaders
  • Strategic Initiatives  
  • Learning & Development
  • Management Training
  • ERGs

We believe the future is centered around work that makes people feel better, perform better, and ultimately live better. 

1 in 4

People planning to leave their job in the next 12 months US.


Job openings for each unemployed American.

We're here to help you make an impact. 

Let us show you!


Here's how we're different, and why that matters to you.

Surveying and visualization capabilities are table stakes .Sure, we do that, but you have plenty of great options for those.  We offer deeper insights by coupling cyclical research-backed assessments with built-in periodic analysis and reporting.

Join the culture-driven revolution.

What do users say about OrgVitals reports?

"This is pure gold Brad. The narratives are fantastic. Your 'medical lab sending test results to a doctor' comparison is spot-on. Being the guy who reads all of his lab test results AND clicks the links on MyChart to get more info on each component, this format works extremely well for me.

I'm reading it for a 3rd time now, as it's very fulfilling to see how well the 'what is...' and 'why is this area important' aligns to the realities of the [...] culture, and the current climate they are operating in!

Then you ice the heavenly cake with the 'Next Steps' section.  Bravo!"

Mark Handley

Incipio Workforce Solutions, an OrgVitals partner

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