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Now you don't have to be a data scientist to see what's causing burnout and driving turnover

OrgVitals integrates and enriches your people data to provide insightful reports.

We show how to improve the employee experience and boost retention rates.

Exceptional insights
for a workplace that cultivates its talent

A new kind of people analytics & reporting that puts employee wellbeing at the forefront of the employee experience

Eliminate blind spots
Provide inclusive, comprehensive attention by seeing which groups and people are discconnected -- and drive engagement, build trust, and create better employee experiences.
Improve employee wellbeing
Give employees specific, timely support based on 13 types of burnout and prevent costly turnover. 
Build thriving organizations
Transform workplace culture with the missing visibility that gives leaders the insights to attract and retain talent, improve productivity, and increase return-to-work rates.

How OrgVitals works in a few simple steps


Integrate Data

OrgVitals makes it easy to connect and make sense of the fragmented data about your workforce.

With over 100 integrations available, spanning HRIS and Payroll systems, Applicant Tracking (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Project Management platforms. 
HR & Payroll Integrations:


Identify Blind Spots

Enrich your people data with OrgVitals scientifically backed assessment library to identify key correlations and uncover organizational blind spots.

With predictive intelligence and the support of expert researchers, you will identify, track and measure all angles of the employee experience and workplace wellbeing.


Improve Visibility

The OrgVitals Network Map™ gives you the visibility to see where attention is needed - at the department, team or individual level - and how to lend support. 

Now you have the data and insights to stay ahead of stressors like disconnection and burnout. 


Gain Clarity

We will deliver a custom report of the findings along with suggested follow-up actions to drive positive change.

With OrgVitals, you are backed by a team of experts in behavioral science and organizational design. 


Take Action

Change doesn’t happen in isolation.

Leverage the OrgVitals Data Story™ presentation builder to share insights, build alignment, and enable targeted action.


Leverage Support

With OrgVitals by your side, you are never alone.

Tap the OrgVitals expert network to for advice, support, and delivery as needed.

OrgVitals has grown through world class support

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