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It's time to reimagine the employee experience and provide the right to thrive.

The future of work is centered around employee experience and wellbeing. That means work that makes people feel better, perform better together, and ultimately live better.

Our mission is to provide clarity on how to evolve the employee experience so that work culture sustains each person's performance, health, and tenure. 

Your bottom line depends on your people flourishing.

The Future of Work is Human-Centered:

Give Employees the Support They Need, the Experience They Want, and the Culture To Flourish.

OrgVitals data intelligence is the missing visibility that makes it possible.

No credit card needed

OrgVitals Named a 2022 Top Startup to Watch by Business First.


What matters to employees has changed. Has your data?

Workers feel more empowered now than ever. Discover their must-haves with OrgVitals.

OrgVitals has Grown Through World Class Support: 

Unitonomy Studio
Nvidia Inception Program
Keyhorse Capital
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Vogt Award
Connecting the Dots to Tell the Stories

You Deserve More Than a Dashboard.

The OrgVitals platform delivers a new layer of visibility and intelligence.


Integrate Data

OrgVitals makes it easy to connect your fragmented people data with over 100 integrations.

These integrations span HR and Payroll systems, Applicant Tracking (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting software, and Project Management.
HR & Payroll Integrations:


Identify Blind Spots

OrgVitals enriches your employee experience and wellbeing data to uncover blind spots.

Our research-backed assessment library will help you get the big answers about the Work Determinants of Health™ and their impact on the employee experience.


Improve Visibility

The OrgVitals Network Map™ gives you the visibility to see who needs attention and stay ahead of stressors like disconnection and burnout.

Now you have the data and insights to understand who to help and why.


Gain Clarity

The OrgVitals custom analysis reports help you understand the right next step to support your people.


Take Action

Change doesn’t happen in isolation.

Leverage the OrgVitals Data Story™ presentation builder to share insights, build alignment, and enable targeted action.

The OrgVitals Difference:

We have the research, analysis and toolkit to show how great cultures make people feel better, perform better, and ultimately live better.

Co-founder Dr. Brad Shuck

Dr. Brad Shuck has led the Work Determinants of Health research at the University of Louisville, proving the impact work culture has on the body.

Workplace Analysis

A comprehensive report that offers advanced intelligence and predictive insights for leaders to take action before it hurts.

Real Impact

Leaders may partner with trusted experts to deliver exceptional outcomes. Ongoing measurement drives accountability and improves efficacy.

Lower Costs

Proactive intervention saves on health costs, reduces turnover, and improves hiring. We help you connect culture to the bottomline.

Meet Delila. You Probably Know Her.

What You See:

Delila has been a powerhouse fixture in her organization for years. As a reliable and committed employee Delila worked her way up the ladder. She is an invaluable leader to her team, and even other departments have grown to depend on her. Delila's schedule includes long days at the office and frequent business trips, leaving her to return home after her kids are asleep.

What You Don't See:

Delila knows this is unsustainable but she doesn't know what to do about it. She struggles to balance her work and life demands. Delila feels disconnected from her children and deals with tension on the homefront. This stress is eating away at Delila, and her body is starting to feel the effects as she struggles with insomnia. She is starting to feel drained by even the simplest tasks. Delila is burning the candle at both ends, and she is burning out. 

What is Likely to Happen:
  • Delila may abruptly resign from her role, leaving leadership shocked and caught off guard, scrambling to fill her vacant position.
  • Despite being overwhelmed, she may try to “suck it up” and continue on this road. Her performance will suffer, and her team will have to manage to operate with an ineffective leader opening up the company to major risks and vulnerabilities. The Delila they knew is now completely unrecognizable.
  • Prolonged work stress increases the risk for chronic disease. If Delila remains on this path, not only will the business suffer, but she is also very likely to develop health issues that could have easily been prevented. 

How OrgVitals Helps You Support Your Delila's

OrgVitals is the only system that can proactively identify, measure and mitigate the intersectional stress Delila is experiencing 

Spot the Delila's

OrgVitals makes it easy to identify the Judy’s all over a company and track the employee experience of top performers.

Find the Root Cause

Leverage the OrgVitals employee intelligence to identify and isolate what is causing Judy’s stressors.

Provide Care

Work with Judy to improve the situation before it becomes unsustainable, a corporate risk, or a resignation.

Wellbeing Data is Essential Now.

130% ROI

Every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace generates $2.30 in benefits to the organization.


Companies leveraging the right well-being strategies are 3.2 times more likely to engage and retain their workers.


Employers are 5.4 times more likely to have low annual healthcare claim costs and 10.8 times lower absenteeism.

OrgVitals is effective for teams that know...

Talent is the most critical business asset.

Decisions should be driven by data.

Equity & inclusion impact innovation and growth.

Communication drives change.

Responsibility for culture is distributed, not an HR-only item. 

Burnout is preventable.

Advanced People Analytics Drive Results.

According to The Josh Bersin Company, companies that use Advanced People Analytics are:


more likely to adapt to change.


more likely to engage and retain employees.


more likely to innovate effectively.


more likely to exceed financial targets.

And yet, 83% of companies do not use Advanced People Analytics or track company vitals.

Source: HR Predictions for 2022, The Josh Bersin Company.

Join the employee experience revolution.

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