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Understanding Top Collaborative Talent


An HR team wanted a deeper understanding of who their top talent was, beyond productivity data.


Pinpoint the most important people inside the organization from a collaborative standpoint, who help their teams thrive.


OrgVitals finds the people who are the vital bridges inside an organization. This is the top talent that serves as “transfer agents of culture.” OrgVitals looks for the individuals who connect large portions of the map – the central train stations – because these individuals are the oil in the organization’s machine. OrgVitals identifies people who are true “transfer helpers.” A transfer helper is someone who is a great collaborator because they are knowledgeable in their role, usually own a lot of institutional knowledge, are great listeners, have a steady influence on their teams, and are the type of person everyone goes to for advice or help.


OrgVitals network analysis, which can be coupled with peer review for deeper analysis, was used to generate a report that reveal over 40 key individuals, ranging from transfer helpers, to influencers, to potential culture ambassadors. The HR leaders had a completely new view around which individuals needed to be recognized and rewarded.

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