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Preventing Turnover


The Great Resignation was a major issue facing a long-term healthcare organization. They were finding it highly difficult to recruit the trained staff they relied upon, so they turned to a consultant group to help them improve retention while also making their organization appear to be the best long-term healthcare organization to work for in the region. A big issue was getting honest feedback (or any feedback) inside an organization with low trust.


The consultant group needed to evaluate the culture across 3 different facilities to understand the issues related to turnover at each facility. The consultants also wanted to understand what the organization did really well, in order to model the culture brand around those strengths. 


Using the OrgVitals 20 Baseline Survey on the OrgVitals Blockchain system (for fully anonymous and confidential employee feedback for low trust organizations), OrgVitals helped the consultants deploy the survey (which included providing leadership with the language to create a sense of safety for the employees to speak truth to power). OrgVitals analyzed this employee feedback in one month across 3 facilities. OrgVitals aggregated the results across the entire organization, as well as for each individual facility. 


The blockchain system (along with the delicate messaging) garnered a high response rate to the baseline survey. OrgVitals generated a report for the consulting group that highlighted the core weaknesses driving turnover (poor communication – across feedback, guidance, and recognition) and made the organization’s culture strengths clear (high sense of purpose and engagement). The consulting group used the network analysis piece to pinpoint where their trainings would prove most effective, to provide facility leaders with new means for communicating more effectively. 

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