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Placing Employee Support at the Center of Employee Experience


A technology organization realized the proverbial future of work was largely about providing an employee experience that considers the whole person. This organization had recently lost some of its top talent. It was time for leaders to develop an employee wellbeing strategy that ran beyond employee benefits.


The organization wanted an extensive analysis that helped them understand who needed what type of support, with an emphasis on knowing how their top talent felt supported or unsupported.


OrgVitals measured Human Capital Yield, which essentially answers how each person, team, and demographic group feels about being supported for sustainable high performance. OrgVitals provided a network analysis report, outlining how people felt supported or not – along with an overview of the drivers behind the support weaknesses. These weaknesses included a lack of flexibility, a poor sense of belonging, and prolonged work stress.


Leaders leveraged the OrgVitals recommendations in the report to intervene in several specific areas. These interventions included creating new ERGs around demographic micro-communities inside the organization, opening dialogue with top talent about the changes they would like to see to create a more flexible environment, and finding soft skills training for a few managers that appeared to be the root cause of low emotional capacity for their teams.

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