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Developing and Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives


A consulting group needed to understand where to start. They were helping the leadership of a large department inside a major institution figure out (1) why morale was low and then (2) help transform the culture. The leadership provided a hypothesis around the issue, but the consultants knew from experience that this issue would prove to be one of many issues. The department had no decent employee feedback data beyond an outdated annual engagement survey. Meanwhile, the consulting group needed to demonstrate some quick wins to get a longer buy-in from the leadership team.


The consulting group needed employee feedback and data analysis to make a case to the department leaders on the strengths and weaknesses of their workplace environment, understand the data blind spots related to the employee experience, and provide a plan on how the consulting group will assist in transforming the culture over the course of a year and beyond.


All in one month, OrgVitals tailored an assessment package to capture deep employee feedback spanning six core areas: communication, engagement, health, inclusion, unity, and workflow. Then OrgVitals helped deploy the package, including ingesting an HRIS employee file into the data system with team and demographic segmentation. By the end of the month, OrgVitals delivered a detailed report to the consultants, which revealed areas of focus for the department, spanning strengths like sense of purpose to weaknesses like workload capacity.


The consulting group used the OrgVitals report to prioritize several strategic initiatives. They executed the first initiative to improve workload capacity by removing some processes and meetings inside the department. The staff morale immediately improved. The leadership team saw the value in engaging the consulting group for an entire year. 


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