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How OrgVitals benefits our partners and consultants

Many organizations need guidance beyond OrgVitals data to lead the dialoague and actions for cultivate change. Our software is designed with consultants in mind.

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OrgVitals makes culture data digestible, presentable and actionable


Deploy OrgVitals to all of your clientele and manage all of the data in one place.

"OrgVitals offers white-glove onboarding to make sure partners get comfortable with setting up a client organization on a workspace, and planning assessments."

Dr. Brad Shuck

Chief Data Officer, OrgVitals


Give your team members access to only the client workspaces that apply to them.


Create a separate workspace for each client to house their specific assessments, data and analytics.

Employee Data Import

Import employee data via our HRIS integrations or with a csv. Include segmentation data, or create your own employee segments. 


We enable you to easily track culture data. We'll coach you on blind spots. We even have a blockchain mode.

"Getting data needs to be painless for all involved and trust is key. You need honest feedback from employees. OrgVitals is easy, delightful, and is engineered to build trust."

Dr. Brad Shuck

Chief Data Officer, OrgVitals

Built-in Assessments

Use our research-backed assessment library, plus the OrgVitals Pulse to hit the ground running. Or create your own assessments.

One-Link for All

Send a single link to everyone for each assessment cycle, through any channel. Pre-plan by scheduling assessment cycles ahead of time (coming soon).

confidential options

Our blockchain surveys are completely anonymous with zero tracking and are fully encrypted, firewalled, and decentralized for maximum privacy and security.


Advanced visualizations instantly reveal the signals necessary to plot the next steps.

"At the heart of our solution is data analysis. Our job is to make sure leaders learn from the data."

Dr. Brad Shuck

Chief Data Officer, OrgVitals

The world's first culture map

Get a sense of how culture is created based on collaboration. This map is a like an organic org chart with culture data layered on top to understand culture influence and employee equity.

visualizations Come Standard

Aggregated culture data get tracked across several types of graphs, complete with employee segmentation and advance filters. See overall trends or look at a specific survey questions.

coming soon: Predictive Analytics

Our research is providing the ability to predict business and employee outcomes based on organizational culture data. This includes Work Determinants of Health™.


Our data analysis gives you the confidence to lead your organization through lasting transformation.

"Data tells a story. OrgVitals helps you communicate with data. Know what areas need investigation. Know what questions to ask. Know how to present the data."

Dr. Brad Shuck

Chief Data Officer, OrgVitals

We'll Give You a Head-start

With your permission, we'll analyze the data you've captured and provide you with a report detailing three areas on which we believe you should focus. We'll also include suggested next steps based on any potential blind spots.

COMING Soon: Export Presentation-ready Visualizations

Quickly and easily create beautiful presentations to guide your organization.

We want to help your firm succeed.

Join the culture-driven revolution.

"I wish we had OrgVitals years ago. It would have saved us a ton of time harnessing data and generating data slides for our presentations. Now we can focus on what we love doing, which is coaching our clients to help them improve their culture."

Martin Low

OnPlane Consulting, an OrgVitals partner

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