Generate culture diligence and human capital disclosures 

OrgVitals makes it easy for a company to audit and report on how it supports its people to key stakeholders: investors, board members, shareholders, and the SEC.

Our audit delivers for every stage of business

startups in a VC portfolio
• scale-ups gauging IPO-readiness
• businesses engaged in M&A
• public companies preparing their Form 10-K to meet the new SEC Regulation S-K
• organizations reporting ESG standards


Get a quarterly culture disclosure through OrgVitals

Investors and other stakeholders deploy OrgVitals inside companies to understand the realities of the culture. Partner with OrgVitals to help you… 

1. Track the effort and strategic planning a company has taken to set its people up for sustainable success.

2. Understand IPO-readiness: investigate if a startup or scaleup has prepared its culture and human capital operation for scaling.

3. Audit employee feedback to gauge effectiveness across areas like inclusion, well-being, turnover, training, and more.

4. Measure goals across diversity, employee investment costs, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and more.

5. See ethics and compliance training completion.

6. Know if the culture is a strategic advantage: capture data to understand if the culture helps or hurts recruiting the best talent.

The OrgVitals report includes visuals to quickly demonstrate progress, like how intentional a company is in supporting its employees for sustainable success.


85% of an organization's costs cover its people

The debate is over about how work culture impacts the performance and sustainable growth of a business.

From new guidelines from the ISO and the SEC, to ESG reporting, to VCs and boards wanting more visibility into a company's culture, the time has arrived for human capital auditing and reporting. 

Set up a strategy session to reveal what this means for your business:


Learn more about culture audits and human capital disclosures

Everyone has a lot of questions about the new SEC requirements and the emerging standards for culture audits and human capital disclosures. We've got you covered in our 101 report:

  • What are Culture Audits? Why are Culture Audits important?
  • What do leaders need to know about Human Capital Disclosures?
  • How do you prepare a Human Capital Disclosure?
  • Is an organizational culture audit mandatory?
  • What Is ISO 30414?
  • How do you find an external auditor?
  • What should a cultural audit reveal?
  • What evidence do you report in Human Capital Disclosures?

Join the culture-driven revolution.

"Culture is a competitive edge and how and what companies disclose is modernizing. After blunders and public outcry, stakeholders are demanding more insight into the human capital angle of a business. Going forward it will now be measured and regulated to make sure organizations do right by their employees OrgVitals is ahead of the curve, ready to help audit and generate disclosures for your organization."

Kristina Rodriguez

OrgVitals co-founder


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