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We want you to experience how OrgVitals is different than the other people analytics solutions. OrgVitals is the only integrated people data platform that maps who works with whom to understand the context of your culture data.

We know once you experience the OrgVitals difference you'll be ready to unlock the full solution where you can integrate your data, get custom analysis and reports, and truly invest in your culture.

What's included:

Here's what you get: a 6 question survey package on our cloud-based system that's completely free.

This package takes about 1 minute for employees to answer, works on any device, with no account needed. Participants are asked to identify themselves but may pass on any question.

The data will provide the network map (visualization of collaboration where OrgVitals layers culture data), the culture net promoter score (culture reputation for hiring), and the human capital yield baseline score (conditions setting people up for success). Open feedback is included.

All visualizations and segmentation filters are available to use. Our Data Story presentation builder is also available.

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