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Improve Health Outcomes with Pioneering Data

From proprietary Work Determinants of Health™ research, OrgVitals' culture-based predictive models for wellness and performance sustainability introduce a new health category.

OrgVitals' foundation of research and data analysis has a measureable impact on employee health.

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What does it mean to be strategic about culture?

Culture management is about being intentional in cultivating work conditions that set people up for success in their work and their collaborations. 

So where do you start? Culture management starts with OrgVitals Culture Intelligence -- quantitative and qualitative data generated from continous employee feedback, based on empirical research. OrgVitals distills and analyzes this data so you lead culture change across the organization and manage interventions for specific employees, teams or employee segments. We break this down into 3 steps: capture, learn, and lead. 


We capture continuous data (through various means) about the conditions and environment of an organization to analyze where change is needed and predict outcomes.

Our research-backed assessments, segmentation capabilities, and data handling transparency is unmatched.


Staggering insights are realized with OrgVitals through our  one-of-a-kind network map, where data is layered over a map of collaboration across your organization.

From there, OrgVitals generates a quarterly report documenting specifics to help you learn who, what and where needs improvement.


OrgVitals enables you to present findings to the key stakeholders and know how to lead dialogue through data. Our correlations help you equate culture performance back to the bottom line.

The conversation around culture and DEI changes when it's grounded in how conditions impact the business.


"OrgVitals provides an unprecedented level of insight into the organizations we are partnered with as we work with them to improve their operating culture and engagement levels.  The application is very powerful yet extremely easy to deploy and can be impressively customized to meet the needs of our various clients and to support our training and development initiatives.  The OrgVitals team is proactive & responsive to our questions and needs, and their passion for driving significant and sustained improvement in the workplace aligns perfectly with our own mission.  OrgVitals is a great tool with an amazing team of people behind it."

- Molley Ricketts, CEO Incipio Workforce Solutions


Get continuous employee feedback through interviews and surveys.

We leverage our data capture toolbox to listen to everyone.

OrgVitals tools include theme detection from employee interviews, blockchain private surveys, and open pulse surveys. Our research-backed assessments, segmentation capabilities, and data handling transparency is unmatched.

Assessment packages are easy to send, and fast for employees to use. 


See how culture is influenced inside your org to gain a deeper understanding.

OrgVitals pairs quantitative and qualitative analysis with our groundbreaking network map, which visualizes collaborative flow and informal power structures.

Are you ready to graduate from people analytics and leverage culture intelligence?


Receive data-driven reports that go beyond bar charts.

We will analyze your data and present you with areas of concern, which includes specifics about which people (or segments) and what conditions need focus and improvement.

Being intentional about your culture starts by leading with OrgVitals culture intelligence.

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Here's how we enable you to be strategic and intentional.

Capture continuous employee feedback

  • A.I. employee interview or open comment theme detection.
  • Confidential, anonymous blockchain employee surveys or cloud-based employee-identified tracking.
  • 25+ out-of-the-box assessments.
  • Mobile-optimized with options for pulse surveys.

You can have confidence in the data

  • Build correlations between data and outcomes.
  • Anonymous and masked data options (even blockchain).
  • Our methods are researched-backed and validated through academic rigor.
  • Include everyone with HRIS integrations, bulk employee list imports, and data migration options.

You don't have to be a data scientist

  • The Three Areas of Focus Report presents custom guidance about which people (or segments) and conditions need improvement.
  • The Network Map reveals culture influence, employee equity and more.
  • Gorgeous visualizations make it easy to uncover signals.

You can be the data-driven culture hero

  • Use the Data Story to present your findings to stakeholders.
  • Continuously monitor your organization's cultural "pulse".
  • Track each data cycle to identify trends and understand ROI.

Join the culture-driven revolution.

"I wish we had OrgVitals years ago. It would have saved us a ton of time harnessing data and generating data slides for our presentations. Now we can focus on what we love doing, which is coaching our clients to help them improve their culture."

Martin Low

OnPlane Consulting, an OrgVitals partner

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