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About OrgVitals

The OrgVitals mission is to help employers transform their work culture so that their people live healthy lives through their work. The future of work is about evolving to an employee-centric model where the total person thrives through their work. We set out to quantify what this means in practice and provide predictive intelligence to leaders and managers.

We're just getting started. OrgVitals started as a project inside Unitonomy startup studio and emerged as a startup in 2021, where Dr. Brad Shuck and Kristina Rodriguez joined Charley Miller to grow this data platform into the world's first people analytics solution that places employee wellbeing at the forefront.

Entering 2023, OrgVitals is supporting the people data needs of over 40 consulting practices across the world, as well as employers big and small that span industries like healthcare, construction, education, technology, and manufactoring.

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 Podcasts featuring OrgVitals

Is your job impacting your health & wellbeing?

Brad explains why the current model of work is broken and why the future of work is about illuminating new layers of the employee experience. We geek out on his new Work Determinants of Health research while exploring how the innovative team at OrgVitals is using a new intelligence platform to track, measure, and even predict employee experience and well-being stressors like stress, burnout, belonging, and more! We also explore the importance of the emerging Chief Wellness Officer role and how all of this is related to trends like quiet quitting, employee tracking, and the great resignation.

The OrgVitals team stretches between Europe and North America

We're a remote-first startup of over a dozen people engaged in helping employers put their people first.

Meet Our Founders

Kristina J. Rodriguez

Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Brad Shuck

Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer

Charley Miller

Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer

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