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Be intentional

It's our internal mantra and our outward plea.

We can't build or transform your culture for you. Your company's culture is its very heart, and its health is directly proportional to your level of focus on its fitness.

OrgVitals was founded in 2021 by Charley Miller, Dr. Brad Shuck, and Kristina Rodriguez with two objectives in mind:

First, to build a software product that makes workplace culture manageble. That sounds impossible. For a bunch of people compassionate about helping humans and passionate about using data to solve problems, the steep challenge of making work culture something that can be improved and scaled is why it's such a compelling problem to us to solve. To start: what is culture? And how can anyone possibly manage it? Well, to make a long answer short and overly simplified, culture is about people working together and there's data that reveals how people work together. Our mission is to help organizations capture this data, learn from this data, and be able to lead with this data to bring everyone in their organization together to improve how they work together.

Second, to be intentional about how we're cultivating our culture at OrgVitals to demonstrate that when you're strategic about your culture, the organization generates gravitational pull.

A great culture is a strategic advantage, so isn't it time to be strategic about culture?

Welcome to the moneyball moment for culture data.

What we're about

Western culture teaches us to build our identity through our work and that's not healthy. So the first thing to know about us is that we're a bunch of complicated people with complicated lives. Some of us are single, or married, or former lawyers turned CTOs, or former poets turned product managers, or game players, or game designers, or students, or professors, or parents of little kids, or not so little kids, or children taking care of aging parents, or children missing their parents, or runners training for marathons, or curious minds trying new things. We all show up to OrgVitals as we are, and we all show up because we're compassionate to help people through the power of data. 

Compassion takes courage. That's our motto (someone should totally put that on a shirt) and informs how we conduct our work. We have the audacity to grow the organization that we desire.

We know we're stonger together and welcome anyone that values the importance of compassion for people to connect with us.

Our story

Once upon a time about a decade ago, Charley connected to teammates across seven different time zones before lunch. As a co-founder of Touchcast, which grew to a fully remote team of over 100, Charley kept thinking why isn't there a software solution that could help our organization cultivate and scale our culture. He got in the headspace and started reading research. Five years later, Charley started a startup studio called Unitonomy to throw solutions at the wall to see what can help people work together more effectively. Shortly thereafter, while serving as Entrepreneur-In-Residence, he found Dr. Brad Shuck and licensed his research. 

The path wasn't obvious for OrgVitals but Charley and Brad knew some things to be true:

  • Organizations have massive blind spots about their culture based on what they are asking and when they are asking it. Annual employee engagement surveys are like a doctor taking your temperature once a year and not performing any other evaluations to gauge your health. 
  • Organizations have little visibility into equity. That's because graphs full of aggregated culture data reveal nothing about the individual and their experience.
  • Organizations often don't have the person with the training and capacity to navigate a data cockpit. They need someone to pilot the airplane and be explict about what the data means and what to do with it.
  • Organizations have no sense of ROI when they invest in their culture. No one is correlating culture data to outcomes that reveal how culture impacts the bottom line.

In mid-2021, based on feedback from several deployments from a 1.0 prototype, OrgVitals began private beta deployments with the 2.0 version which solves the four above issues. The results are remarkable.

Then we showed what we're building to a Strategist and Business Development expert. Compelled by OrgVitals' unique solution, timing of the market, and passion of the team, she joined us to lead the next phase of growth and development.

Meet the team

The OrgVitals team is proud to be remote-first - we're spread across the world.


Charley Miller

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Brad Shuck

Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer

Kristina J. Rodriguez

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Core Team

Max Nechypurenko

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Kinsella

Chief Operating Officer

Ryta Popova

Head of Project Management

Aleksey Zelenskiy

Senior Developer

Artem Golovchenko


Egor Namestnikov


Unitonomy & UD Tech  - Special Ops

Brittain Skinner

Chris Deaner

Igor Kosanovskiy 

Mike Mooney