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People Strategy on a Platter.

Our awesome humans & easy-to-use people analytics help people leaders hit their retention targets, raise performance, cultivate a remarkable employee experience, and impress leadership through the power of network analysis combined with great people data... all delivered in influential presentations.
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Data Without Effort

OrgVitals integrates with your HCM, HRIS or Payroll system (we offer 50 integrations) to sync your people data, run automated pulse surveys, and automatically calculate and visualize your people data.

We make this painless.

(we also offer bulk CSV data imports)

More than a Dashboard

The first presentation explains your culture's strengths, areas to improve, and blind spots. Then each quarter, we go deeper. Every department, tenure, demographic, and group gets mapped, analyzed, and tracked.

Our presentations influence action.

(we customize our approach to fit the culture)

Answers & Strategy

From macro-level findings, to employee segment & DEI analysis, to pinpointing influencers: we show what's up, where, and why. Then we suggest a roadmap to guide on how to improve employee retention.

OrgVitals will be your superpower.

(build influence with data that tells a story)

Visibility in the form of Leadership.

This is how you revolutionize your employee experience:
Get the most comprehensive view of workforce, culture and climate possible -- all ready to present and drive your people strategy.

Our data science secret separates us.

OrgVitals is the only solution that pairs employee well-being data with collaboration network analysis.
The Missing Visibility
The only solution that uses network analysis to give you the context behind your culture data and help you spot the top influencers.
Insights to Action
More than reports: you get presentations that explain the data, the problems, and suggest paths to improve the employee experience.
Painless for All
Surveys are fast and work on phones. Automation means there's no work to continuously listen. The presentations generate themselves.
Industry-leader in survey engagement
PCI-1 & GDPR-compliant
Surveys are fast and work on phones

How does it work?

We'll sync your people data via API or CSV upload.
We'll craft pulse surveys that fit your culture.
We'll send you presentations that are ready to present.

Designed for employee-first employers.

We deliver the missing visibility about your employee experience and can drive strategy to improve retention and performance... and save a lot of money!
Track your org's vitals
Improve performance
Remarkable support
Map people needs
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OrgVitals integrates with your System of Record.

With nearly 50 integrations with HCMs, HRIS, and Payroll systems + CSV bulk uploading -- OrgVitals people analytics makes it easy to start and maintain your employee list, including automatic segmentation of demographics, departments, and tenure tracking.

See the painless process for yourself.

Stop using the generic survey system that forces your team to do all the work and still be left wondering what the data means. Tour the OrgVitals people analytics today!